Meet Our Officers

Dontae Lartigue

123 E. San Carlos St. #513
San Jose, CA 95112


About Dontae

Dontae is the CoFounder of RTB. He spends his working days networking and providing direct oversight of services to youth. Being a former foster youth, Dontae’s work is his passion. Dontae is a staunch advocate for the rights of under-resourced youth, and considers the youth he serves family. He has ten years of experience working with youth impacted by the foster care system.

Growing up in foster care, Dontae learned firsthand how systems are failing youth – especially those transitioning from foster care into adulthood. The gap that youth face when aging out of foster care is what has gave him the drive to start Razing the Bar. Along his journey, Dontae wanted to ensure that everyone involved with RTB understood that in order to change systems we had to first treat these youth like our own. He treats youth like his own. Within Dontae’s vision, RTB focuses on interdependency and relationship building among our community

Dontae is a native of the Peninsula and was raised in East Palo Alto for the first few years of his life. He entered cared at a very early age and has lived most of his life in San Jose in shelters, group homes and various foster placements. Fortunately for Dontae, he had mentors that invested in him. After graduating from high school, Dontae went on to receive his Associates Degree in Liberal Arts/Social and Behavioral Sciences from DeAnza College. He then went on to receive his Bachelors Degree in Psychology from San Jose State University. Dontae plans to continue furthering his education by attending a local graduate school to pursue a Masters Degree in Nonprofit Management.

Dontae loves spending time with his family and friends and enjoys BBQing. His favorite hobby growing up was fishing, which he did with his foster dad every week for six summers. He also enjoys playing sports games on his PS4. His biggest passion, however, is mentoring the youth he serves and crosses paths with.

Dontae is a husband and father of 2, and hopes to have 4 more children in the future.

Fun fact: Dontae’s desire to have many children comes from the fact that he has 11 brothers and siblings, one of which is a twin sister!

Katherine Lartigue

123 E. San Carlos St. #513
San Jose, CA 95112


About Katherine

Katherine is one of the CoFounders and is the Chief Operating Officer for Razing the Bar. It wasn’t until she began attending De Anza Community College that she began volunteering for various non-profit organizations. While at De Anza, a counselor introduced her to Sociology, where she became aware of social injustices within

institutions and at that point she knew she wanted to help make an impact in these communities. Katherine quickly fell in love with Sociology and transferred to San Jose State University where she obtained her bachelors degree in Sociology with a concentration in Community Change.

She is a Bay Area native, a wife, and mother of two. Katherine grew up in a very traditional Filipino household, being that she is first-generation Filipino American. Nothing makes her more happy than spending time with her family, painting her nails, and eating some good food!