Katherine’s Personal Statement

A statement from one of our founders


Growing up first-generation Filipino American, I was taught to overlook microaggressions. I could either sit and cry about it or laugh it off and move on, so I typically moved on. Unfortunately, I realized it might not be just microaggressions for my children that are half Black and Filipino, as well as my Black husband. Certain situations and outcomes for them could be far worse simply due to the color of their skin. Why should one bad encounter with authorities worry me? Because that’s all it takes. No mother or wife should have to carry this fear.

Being a non-Black person of color, I think it is critically important for ALL PEOPLE OF COLOR to help bridge the gap and amplify the voices of the historically muted black community. Even within our own communities, there is a lot of racism and that needs to end. We only perpetuate the cycle of generational systemic oppression by hanging on to a broken system. I urge you now – more than ever – to educate yourselves. If you remain silent – you should understand that you’re a part of the problem, not the solution.

Katherine Lartigue