About Razing The Bar (RTB)

We are a nonprofit organization that provides comprehensive mentorship and housing support services to current and former foster youth, as well as other under resourced youth populations.

We believe that coupling high expectations with increased support systems will afford the targeted youth population the greatest chance of personal success. These services include creating plans for success, ensuring that program participants are fully connected to available support systems, and supporting them in their daily paths towards success.

The Goal

The goal of RTB mentorship is to support safe, nurturing living environments that encourage and promote individual growth through personal accountability, age and developmentally appropriate expectations and positive role modeling.

Our Mission

Razing the Bar believes that relationships are the key to successful youth development. Through mentorship and housing support, we help transition-aged youth (TAY) achieve permanent connections and self sufficiency.

Our Vision

With positive, supportive and permanent relationships, under-resourced youth populations are better equipped to focus on professional/academic development and personal betterment. By focusing on relationships, and championing interdependent communities, RTB believes we can drastically reduce the number of under-resourced youth dependent on public systems while transitioning more self-sufficient and responsible adults into adulthood.