Our Success


Although RTB focuses on serving young people of color impacted by public systems, we provide services to ALL eligible current and former foster youth, as well as other disadvantaged youth populations.  In an effort to protect the privacy of our youth and avoid exploitation, RTB has used ‘stock photos’ for the youth photos on this page.  The statements, however, were made by youth in our community.

“Razing the Bar is helping me prepare for success by helping me make sure that my goals are turned into reality and helping me create realistic steps to achieve them.

– John W.

My experience with Razing the Bar has a lot to do with connecting with people. There seems to be more of a connection to people here – more closeness and relatability. Other programs just seem to want you there to do what you need to do and then you move on, and people lose site of the human element – human connectivity.

– Tony L.

My experience with Razing the Bar has been great. I’ve had experience with other programs. This program has given me the freedom to be the adult I am, and not the adult that someone else wants me to be. I feel Razing the Bar is helping me to prepare to be successful by providing affordable housing and allowing me to save.

– David S.

This program gave me the opportunity to live with my brothers. They were in other programs and I wasn’t allowed to live with them since I didn’t emancipate from foster care. I believe RTB is preparing me to be successful by allowing me to live with my brothers. The staff takes their time and guides us on what steps to take in order to be successful.

– Peter S.

We have more room to do things, which makes me feel like a normal person. RTB don’t see us as foster youth, but as normal people. The staff talk to me like a friend. Every time I talk to them, they want to know more about me. They know how to engage in youth like us because they’ve been through it.

– Tom L.